Ricky Murasaki is a Maywood, Illinois-born educator and entertainer. He is currently based in Chicago & NYC. His work is driven by his empathy and his overwhelming passion for history. History itself isn’t enough: Murasaki looks for the context of the “what” (what happened) & “when” to find the “why” on its most human level. To find these answers, he uses old texts, improvisation, new texts & adaptations to explore history & people’s understanding of history. Murasaki’s attention to historical context & details in both his academic works & his entertainment pursuits can be seen in his Aesthetics & Politics series. The series focuses on the policies and history of Japan and the US’s early 1900s. 

Since 2016, Murasaki has taught acting techniques and ESL in both Japan and in the US. He uses his teaching experiences as a way to help students to find their truth and its connection to the past. In 2016, as a grad student at Eastern Michigan University he created a thesis project that focused on taking Kyogen, an ancient Japanese theatrical artform, and finding some iterations of the works in their earliest forms and adapting the text into English with improv as a medium for telling the stories in a modern context. As an actor, Murasaki has acted in period based pieces on stage, television and film. His tireless research to find the truth for the characters that would also be accurate to their time period is evident in his character development process.

As a set designer, he’s worked on projects at Sarah Lawrence College including Disconnected (2021) and Gertie & Alice (2022).

Murasaki’s work can be seen on television networks such as TV Tokyo and FUJI TV. You can also see him in commercials for The Suit Company and (hopefully in the near future) on stages across the US.

Murasaki has a poem in the 2022 poetry collection Respect The Mic: Celebrating 20 years of poetry from a Chicagoland high school.

Murasaki’s education includes a BA in Japanese from North Central College (2012), an MA in Theatre Arts from Eastern Michigan University (2016) and an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College’s Theater Program (2022). 

Available for public speaking events, actor training, acting gigs, writing workshops and ESL lessons.